📂Scheduler (EVM blockchains)

How Minteandome manages your SmartContracts & NFTs

By default, Minteandome manages your deployments of your SmartContracts & NFTs (only EVM blockchains). This is done by the Scheduler, an entity which stores your operations with the blockchain and finds the best time in the day (reduced gas fees) for the deploy.

it's important to understand that you are the owner of the SmartContract, Minteandome can only operate with them for making your life easier.

However, if you like to have the full control of your transaction, that's perfectly possible. There are options for performing every action and you can find descriptive examples in this documentation.

Scheduler checks every minute the blockchain status and tries to deploy/mint/burn pending SmartContracts or NFTs.

Likely, your SmartContract will be deployed in a bit longer than a minute. The only problem is if at that time there are high costs on the blockchain. If that's the case, your SmarContract will be delayed until optimal conditions in order to save you money.

There is a maximum delay of 24 hours, after this period of time, your SmartContract would be deployed anyway.

You can check the current status of your SmartContract at any moment and get notified if it's deployed.

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