Features Overview


Create Smart Contract

You will be able to create smart contracts through a simple call to our API. The SmartContract will be created off-chain, and you decide when to launch it on the blockchain.

Smart contract ownership

Always, you are the owner of your smart contracts. Therefore, you will not depend on the Minteandome systems once your smart contract has been deployed. You're free!

Gas Fee

With great power comes great responsibility. We let you decide when to deploy your smart contracts and when to mint your NFTs. This allows you to control spending on fees.


We currently support Ethereum, Polygon and BSC. We are working on being the first platform within Minteo within the Casper Network.


The data of your NFTs is displayed in centralized systems and the IPFS system. With this we manage to give greater robustness to your applications. The metadata is compatible with the most important Marketplaces: Opensea, Rarible, NFTes, etc.


Our collections follow the standards to be compatible with Opensea, Rarible, etc. From the moment you deploy your smart contracts, you can configure them in your preferred marketplace


Minteandome and its standards have the necessary technology to be able to configure royalties for creators and third parties. Our smart contracts implement the ERC-2981 standard.


Minteandome is free! You can create your smart contracts and nfts completely free. You only need to pay the gas fee. The power is in your hands. Minteandome, you only get commissions from the sale of your NFTs, if you win, we win.

Editing NFTs

You can have dynamic NFTs available in your smart contract in less than a minute. All features are included in the Starter plan.

Burning NFTs

You decide if your NFTs can be burned. We give you all the power to control your NFT collection and adapt it to your business model.

Transfer NFTs

If your business model requires SoulBound tokens, you can activate them within your collection.

Sale of NFTs.

You will be able to choose whether or not your NFTs can be sold on the secondary market.

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