📑Smart Contract Configuration

How to change the configuration of your SmartContract

When you create an SmartContract, you provide some configuration values.

const sc = await sdk.generateSmartContract({
    name: 'Test SDK',
    blockchain: 4,
    standard: 'ERC-1155',
    symbol: 'SDK',
    maxNFTs: 100,
    description: 'description',
    configuration: { // Configuration
        mintPrice: 10

You can check this values and modify then by the Configurator class in the SmartContract.

await sc.configuration.getCurrent()

This checks the status of the blockchain and gives the information of the current SmartContract configuration.

You can also modify these values by using the Configurator:

await sc.configuration.setPrice(15);

There is one method per configuration field. Check the SmartContract Configuration values if you want to know more about this.

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