🔧Self mint

How to mint by yourself your NFTs

For minting NFTs, first of all you need to login in the Minteandome SDK.

import { MinteandomeSDK } from "minteandome-sdk";

const sdk = await MinteandomeSDK.login('36ff14e1-2bd9-4563-b752-d830d6b8eb0c');

Second, you need to get an existing SmartContract which has been already deployed.

const sc = await sdk.getSmartContract('6436ce57cf37d2d6a4ffe50a');

You CANNOT mint NFTs for an SmartContract which has not been deployed yet.

await sc.mintPendingNFTs()

The above method will mint every NFT from the SmartContract which has not been minted yet. It is encouraged to mint all the NFTs at once in order to save gas fee, however, it is possible to mint NFTs one by one by accesing the NFT instance.

const nft = sc.data.nfts[0];
await nft.mint();

You CANNOT use this if you are not on a browser with Metamask

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