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Why use minteandome?

NFT creation tools, for innovators and creators.

What is minteandome?

Minteandome is a set of tools with the aim of improving the creation, management and tracking of NFTs.
Our first solution, API Minteandome , is an application/API that facilitate the creation of NFTs and the tracking of data associated with this. Creating collections of NFTs had not been so easy until the creation of this API. Features provided by Minteandome are, initially, compatible with all EVM-compliant blockchains ⛓.

Why use minteandome?

Minteandome is the fastest way to build and deploy NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon (more coming). Whether this is your first blockchain project or an experienced developer, Minteandome will make your NFTs easier to create, maintain and improve.
Last modified 8mo ago